Tezos Around the World

With nearly 40k wallets created during the Tezos fundraiser, it was clear that Tezos was going to be a global phenomena. Although we are just getting organized as a community, the interest in Tezos is growing rapidly.

Tezos.Community launched on May 25th, about a month before the fundraiser, and has been growing along with the cryptocommunity’s explosive growth this summer.  We’ve had visitors from 112 countries to our website and our traffic has spiked to almost 10k pageviews per day:

As a community, we’ve begun to organize real world meetups.  Our first meetup in San Francisco saw over 50 Tezans, our first tech meetup in Menlo Park has nearly maxed it’s capacity, and the Tezos Meetup in Paris is fast growing as well.  I’m tracking meetup events on a shared calendar.  Please reach out to jonas@tezos.community if you have an event you would like featured.