Welcome to Tezos.Community

Tezos is a new, secure blockchain for high-value smart contracts.  If those words don’t mean much to you yet, don’t worry!  The cryptocurrency space is new and fast growing, and Tezos is likewise bringing a new set of capabilities to the blockchain world.  Tezos is similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum in that it is it’s own stand-alone platform for managing distributed information in a highly secure manner.  Tezos has included many new, innovative features that solve some of the key issues facing Bitcoin and Ethereum.  But the technology is not even released to the public yet, so there is significant risk, and also the potential to get involved in the early stages of a revolutionary concept.
This is why we created Tezos.Community.  Tezos.Community is an unofficial site focused on all things Tezos.  It is not funded by the Tezos Foundation, but is listed as one of the “Officially Unofficial” sites for the community.  Here, you will find the latest information about the ecosystem, pointers to how to get started, community service providers, and our community forums.
Welcome!  We are excited that you are joining in building a New Digital Commonwealth!